The musical project JURGEN
was founded in Kiev (Ukraine) in 2010.
This is an solo project
of the singer and composer Yuriy Lesny
which he initated afterthe band NEON
(Lvov/Kiev 2002-2007) had split up.
Jurgen Lessman is Yuriy Lesny’s artisticname
(a mere pun, as a matter offact)

In 2010, Yuriy Lesny records a song called Так Чи Ні (Yes Or No). Previously, this composition was performed by the group NEON, but this time Yuriy gave it more modern dancing arrangements and beats. Besides being the front man, lead singer and songwriter for JURGEN, Yuriy Lesny carries out the function of the Project’s photographer. He is also in charge of developing the visual style of this musical project.

In late 2011, Dmitriy Kirnos joins JURGEN. He takes upon himself the role of the Project’s keyboard-player and participates in it from 2011 till 2016. Until 2016 Dmitriy also takes part in arranging the compositions that are created in that period of time. In addition, as the owner of a recording studio, he acts as JURGEN’s sound engineer as well.


2012. The first song Yuriy does in co-operation with Dmitriy is My Ally. Later on this track is followed – after a rather long break though – by Pay For Pain and Leaving You With The Truth.


2013-2014. The guys from JURGEN work intensively in the studio. The musicians are experimenting, trying to mix live instruments with electronic sounds. Thus, JURGEN’s works begin to obtain increasingly clear outlines and the Project’s own characteristic style shapes up. In the result of cooperation with a number of session musicians, a string quartet, a saxophone, a solo guitar and female vocals added up in the compositions. One may say that the music JURGEN makes can be defined as Synthpop Music with all kinds of impurities,

from Pop Rock to Euro Disco


 In the same period, by means of the company Universe Media (Ukraine), JURGEN releases a mini LP, which includes the compositions My Ally, When I`ve Gone Away, and the title song So Cold...So Long. This mini LP is distributed in all top online music stores, including iTunes. Additionally, ringtones with JURGEN’s songs become available for downloading from the mobile operators Djuice, Kievstar, MTC, Bee Line.  


Also in 2014, JURGEN records a song called Call From Space (Now Or Never) in co-operation with the  Italian singer Allegra Lusini. The song is released as a separate single.


At the further stage of the Project’s development, Maria Kress and Natalia Krasnianskaya join the band in the quality of session back singers. Their singing can be heard on the songs When I`ve Gone Away, Nothing To Lose, I`ll Never Call, Friend And Brother and a few more ones.


2014-2015. The work on a full-length album consisting of 12 songs is complete. The musicians spend a few months in the studio, making corrections on each track individually. As a result, the debut album of JURGEN - So Cold...So Long already sounds as something holistic, like a work of arts with a solid core and plot. The album’s entitlement is identical to the previously released mini LP, but it comes with a different cover artwork. It includes the songs My Ally, When I`ve Gone Away and So Cold…So Long which were previously released in the format of a mini LP, but this time with somewhat different sound and arrangements. The album is released in late 2015 by means of Lavina Music (Ukraine).


Simultaneously with the release of the full-length album at Lavina Music (Ukraine), a mini LP called Step By Step consisting of 3 compositions comes out. The songs that have entered this mini LP are Man In Black, I Don`t Wanna Say Goodbye, and Step By Step.


In late 2014, JURGEN records the compositions Man In Black, Step By Step, I Don`t Wanna Say Goodbye

and God`s Angels` Disco. Their music keeps obtaining more and more “dancing shades”. The composition

God`s Angels` Disco was written under the guidance of eminent Swedish producer and musician Alexander Bard, known for his work with the musical projects Army of Lovers, Vacuum, BWO and Gravitonas.


09.12.2014. The members of JURGEN first appear on the scene. During their concert, the musicians involve plasma screens that broadcast videos filmed specifically for live performances. At JURGEN’s live gigs, on stage alongside the musicians there are also present two sessional back-vocalists clothed as Catholic nuns.

2015-2016. Different views on the development of the Project slowly but surely have led to discord between

Yuriy Lesny and Dmitriy Kirnos. During this period of time, only one song (Slow Motion) has been recorded at

Kirnos Records. Without waiting for a thaw in the relations, Yuriy Lesny returns to the musical format of a

one-man-project. He launches his own recording studio (GNEZDO Studio), which allows him to work on JURGEN’s compositions on his own. Currently Yuriy Lesny attracts various sound-producers

exclusively for final mastering of his songs.


In the autumn of 2016 JURGEN begins to cooperate with the sound engineer and sound producer

Ardrey Vakhnenko (ANDIVAX). In November, they release a single called Zombie Land. In December, they come up with a track called 12345. For the first time in his entire singer’s career, Yuriy Lesny uses elements of Russian language in the lyrics of this song.


These two compositions become soundtracks to the movie The Fight Rules.

The film is going to be released in cinemas around January 2017.



Towards the end of 2016, JURGEN gets his web page started. 


In February 2017, JURGEN releases his single Forget The Days, Forget The Nights. Like the two previous songs he recorded in late 2016, this song is also the result of Yuriy's collaboration with the sound producer Andrey Vakhnenko (ANDIVAX).

Forget The days forget The nights






In March 2017, JURGEN released a brand new dance single Slow Motion. Working on the song had lasted for more than a year – in a few different studios, so the song went through a lot of transformations. The track was initially recorded at the the singer’s home studio (Gnezdo Studio) in late 2015. Dmitry Kirnos did the track’s sound-making and sound-engineering in June 2016. The mastering was done at Andrey Vakhnenko’s studio (ANDIVAX) in November 2017. On March 11-th in 2017 took place the premiere of the song on the internet portal of the country's leading media service - FDR. On March 12-th, the song was presented on Europe Plus radio. It`s note-worthy that there are actually two versions of the cover Slow Motion – the official version for fans and the censored one.







On April 6, JURGEN releases a Ukrainian version of the song "Slow Motion". This track is entitled "З Тобою Tonight". This is the first song in Ukrainian in the artist's repertoire. Work on the track was held in Dmitry Kirnos's studio and the Ukrainian version has a sound, slightly different from the original English version. Also, the newly released number features backing vocals of a new guest musician - Anastasiya Syrtsova.







On June 15, 2017 JURGEN releases a cover for the song "Let Me In" by the Ukrainian group "Druga Rika". His version of the song is too times slower than the original and it differs from that stylistically. Jurgen was working on the track in two studios: Yuriy Lesny's Gnezdo Studio and the studio of Dmitriy Kirnos, where the work on the song has been completed.